Advanced Strategies for the Competitive Marketplace

At TD Securities we understand the market and know that in today's fast-paced electronic environment you need advanced tools to fulfill your execution goals. We offer a complete suite of algorithmic strategies as well as access to our Sales and Trading desks which are equipped with a complete set of advanced trading tools to meet these needs.

Each algorithm is tailored to execute within the unique liquidity profile of the Canadian market and all algorithms are continuously modified to ensure efficiency. These advanced strategies, coupled with the same professional service and support our clients have come to expect, make TD Securities your premier Canadian trading destination.

Canadian Market Share Leader for 2007

• #1 in total value traded with 17.24% of the market

• #1 in total volume traded with 16.30% of the market

• #1 in block trading with a 19.41% market share**

**Market data source: Iress Market Technology Canada, Inc.

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