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Trade Informatics helps institutional investors retain more of their alpha. We provide our clients the tools and insights to succeed in an increasingly competitive investment environment. We do this through rigorous trade analysis, action-oriented consulting, industry-leading trade reporting, customized systematic trading and centralized workflow management.​


What Our Customers and Investors Should Expect​


A TI employee is dedicated to a great customer experience and the success of the company.  Dedication to the customer and the company is shown through creativity and innovation, availability and responsiveness, and adherence to the company’s value system.​


A TI employee follows up on correspondence, is always prepared, presents evidence in discussion, differentiates fact from opinion, and adheres as closely as possible to reasonable timelines.​


Each TI employee has an obligation to every customer, every team member, every investor and the company.  The company is only as good as its worst interaction or relationship. 


A TI employee does the right thing and regularly seeks guidance from a diverse sample of other team members.


TI is a company of specialists – in data science, electronic trading, and software development – and regularly screens for various aptitudes, deploys team members according to their comparative advantage, and expects employee skill sets to evolve as customer demands change.

What We Demand from Each Other in Interactions


Boundaries are necessary to ensure healthy and productive dialogue and relationships.  A TI employee draws their own boundaries and acknowledges the boundaries of others.


A TI employee contributes to constructive argument and embraces experimentation to test the commercial viability of ideas.  Knowledge transfer and independent thought are required for innovation and the evolution of the company.


A TI employee is expected to clearly communicate areas in which the company or team members can improve and allow for rigorous and continuous examination of process, words, and actions.​


Admission of failure is a success, an opportunity to chart a better course, and a true sign of adherence to the company’s value system.  The company tackles difficult problems and cannot be expected to succeed on every launch.​


TI employees carefully examine each other’s words and actions and, in continuous communication with team members, proactively highlight areas that need improvement and encourage areas of strength.


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