India has been one of the top performing economies in Asia and what sets it truly apart from other fast developing markets is its sustained growth. An ideal combination of economic and political stability fostered by a democratic environment, India represents possibly among the best long-term prospect in terms of stability and sustainability. While this presents a clear opportunity for the financial services industry, there is plenty of ground to cover in order to bring about complete financial inclusion.

At Edelweiss, our nuanced understanding of the sector, deftly balancing risks with rewards, combined with a relentless focus on systems, processes and highest governance standards, enables to make a difference to our customers.

Edelweiss is one of India's leading financial services conglomerates, offering a robust platform, to a diversified client base across domestic and global geographies.

Our continuous and single-minded focus is on understanding customers’ needs and offering the right financial solutions. Being present in every financial life stage of a customer, helping them create, grow and protect their wealth, are our key lines of business.

  • Credit (Retail, Corporate)
  • Investment & Advisory (Wealth Management,
    Asset Management and Capital Markets)
  • Insurance (Life, General)

This diversified business model reflects our experience across India's multiple consuming facets, from industrial behemoths and large companies to small business as well as the average Indian urban and rural household.

Our 1.2 million strong client base is serviced through a network of over 476 offices, with close to 11,000 employees. Together with a strong network of Sub-Brokers and Authorized Persons, the Group has a presence across all major cities in India.

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