For more than ten years now Egypt for Information Dissemination - egID has been the sole aggregator and authorized distributor of the Egyptian Exchange’ Listed Companies’ information. It has been able to serve world class customers both locally and internationally.


As a joint venture between the Egyptian Exchange - EGX and NASDAQ OMX, egID has been able to combine its local expertise with international expertise, resulting in the provision of distinguished services.
egID provides its customers with all trading data of the trading session (value and volume) and market annoucements. It also offers the  required fundemental and background data of any listed company on EGX.
egID also acts as a software develoer , including a multi – task full range trading system  back office and front office; in addition to a number of systems that complement any trading engine of an exchange such as listing, disclosure, surveillance ,etc

In addition to all that has been mentioned, egID also operates as an Application Service Provider (ASP) by hosting brokerage firms’ servers.
egID’s services are provided to  brokerage companies, data vendors, stock exchnages, information technology developers and private entities who want to be more exposed to the Egyptian financial market.

egID's has a broad vision to stimulate investment growth in Egypt and the region.


  • Enhance and improve both the depth and the quality of information.
  • Develop the level of information dissemination technology used by the different market players.
  • Combine technology with information to make financial markets work better, not only in Egypt but in the region as well.
  • Increase in the level of automation and transparency of the market information to be able to build the investors’ confidence in the region’s market.


  • June 1999 Established as a fully owned subsidiary of the Egyptian Exchange EGX.
  • 2002, egID started exclusively transmitting the Egyptian Exchange market data locally and internationally.
  • 2003, egID built the first and main electronic data base of fundamental data.
  • 2004, egID developed various market solutions for Stock Exchanges.
  • 2007, egID built its fully hosted solution for member firms or brokers in addition to a wide range of stand-alone solutions for member firms.
  • 2009, egID changed its legal form to become a joint venture; with EGX owning 55% and NASDAQ OMX the remaining 45% balance.

egID Team

The reason for egID’S progress in software development is the expertise of its' specialists whose profound skills, creative talent, and dedication to work let egID create upscale solutions recognized by the users.
egID have a number of highly-qualified technical specialists engaged in all stages of the project development from concept formation to quality assurance and support. Most employees are certified by the world leading software development companies, universities, and consultancies: Microsoft, the American University in Cairo, and other prestigious organizations.
egID, together with NasdaqOMX , provide comprehensive development in programming skills as well as in project management.


Block 72 of 90 Axis El Tagmoaa
El Khames

New Cairo, Cairo 11865




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