A key independent actor in the financial sector in Europe


The Exane Group was founded in 1990, on the back of a robust business model built around 3 complementary business lines: Cash Equities (Exane BNP Paribas), Derivatives (Exane Derivatives), and Asset Management (Exane asset management, Ellipsis AM et Ixios Asset Management).


Exane expanded internationally in order to be as close to clients as possible, with Paris and London as its main offices. Our 900 employees can now be found spread across 9 sites worldwide: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, New York and San Francisco.

3 complementary BUSINESS LINES


Exane has specialised in European equities for over 25 years and continues to develop its expertise in each of its 3 business lines, with Research as a core focus.


  1. Cash equities: Exane BNP Paribas provides institutional investors with a range of services, such as Research, sale and execution on European equities. Read more.


  1. Derivatives: A longstanding player in flow products, Exane Derivatives has developed a complete range of products, based on capacities from conception to execution. Read more.  


  1. Asset Management: The asset management arm of the Exane Group is embodied by its three asset management companies, Exane asset management, Ellipsis AM and Ixios Asset Management, based respectively on the equity and fixed-income universes, and thematic management. Read more


Since 2004, a partnership agreement between Exane and BNP Paribas has made the Exane Group stronger whilst allowing it to maintain its independence.




The culture at Exane centres around three fundamentals: the world of Equities, Investment expertise (trading and asset management), and top-class Research in equities and derivatives.


These pillars of our business model are underpinned by 3 core values that have shaped the Group's culture since its creation:


  1. Excellence, the driving force behind the Group's performance and expertise in its business lines;
  1. Independence, a key value in ensuring total impartiality for our clients in Research area ;
  1. Commitment, which acts as a guarantee of our accountability to our clients and forms the basis of our operating dynamic.


The Exane Group is characterised by its strong entrepreneurial spirit and its desire to rise to challenges continues to grow, as well as its stringency in terms of risk management.



6, rue Ménars

Paris, 75002







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